VG 3400 SeriesVanguard Networks' 3400 Series Overview

The 3400 is Vanguard Networks' newest family of enterprise Access Service Gateway (ASG) platforms built around the latest in hardware and software access technologies, along with a high level of modularity that gives customers the opportunity to “build-as-you-grow”, thus reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) over the long term.

The 3400 family consists of four platforms, namely the 3410 ASG for enterprise data access, the 3410W ASG for multilink Serial WAN access, the 3460 ASG for enterprise data and voice service that include traditional PSTN and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) capabilities, and the 3480 ASG which builds on the features of the 3460 ASG with additional WAN access capabilities.

The 3400 family comes with higher performance and the same level of reliability that accompanied Vanguard’s highly successful 242D, 340E, 342, and 6800 platforms for the enterprise access market.