Enterprise SNA Connector

On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications are considered “mission critical” because they specifically deal with monetary transactions. OLTP networks have always been hierarchical with a centralized database typically running on large (IBM) mainframe computers.

Most OLTP applications and networks were built around IBM’s Systems Network Architecture (SNA). Estimates indicate that ‘trillions’ of dollars have been spent over the years in developing these highly secure and efficient applications and networks. Rewriting these applications would be cost-prohibitive and have a limited ROI as the installed base still does the job. As a result large financial and retail networks still utilize SNA peripheral devices in many thousands of locations that include banking controllers, ATM machines, teller terminals, POS (Point of Sale) controllers and numerous PC-based applications using emulation products.

Vanguard Networks' Enterprise SNA Connector solution was specifically designed for the financial transaction service provider and the branch banking industries to enable retention of these valuable assets and applications while maintaining a state of the art host environment and network. Other switching-type solutions push the SNA protocol across the network requiring high overhead resulting in limited performance.

The Enterprise SNA Connector provides an Access Services Gateway (ASG) into a carrier packet network from any remote location, and LAN based termination of the network into the central site data center. Any SDLC (WAN) or LLC2 (LAN) connected ATM, POS or financial controller can be connected to the remote Vanguard Networks' ASG. The ASG terminates the SDLC or LLC2 protocols and sends only the data across the network, without data link switching which sacrifices performance due to high overhead. The host-side Vanguard Networks' ASG then sends transaction data to an HP Non-Stop or IBM SNA host over a high-speed LAN Ethernet connection.

Vanguard Networks' ASGs securely route application data, not protocols. The SDLC protocols are terminated at the remote site and SNA is confined to the data center providing a pure packet data network with high performance and resiliency and minimal overhead.


The Vanguard Networks' Enterprise SNA Connector solution is fully compatible to all SNA subsystems including IBM Z/OS Communications Server (VTAM), IBM SSP and NCP (IBM 3745 Communications Controller), HP Non-Stop SNAX subsystem, and ASI ICE SNA subsystem running on HP Non- Stop or Tandem host systems. The solution does not require APPN, HPR, DLUS and DLUR and does not encapsulate typical SNA (LU Type 2) sessions into LU Type 6.2. This significantly improves performance, simplifies host definitions and network problem diagnosis. Significant cost savings and application performance improvements can be realized.

Benefits of Enterprise SNA Connector Solution

  • Supports IP, SNA, SCADA and proprietary protocols
  • Connectivity to Ethernet or Serial interfaces
  • Leverage newer more cost-effective IP-based technology and carrier services
  • Reduce monthly recurring telecommunications costs
  • Support multiple devices per site
  • Allows integrated voice communications service to remote sites over the same network