Vanguard networks ApplicationsWare Suite

Vanguard ApplicationsWare Suite

Vanguard Networks’ Applications Ware software suite is what drives the extensive capabilities of the Vanguard product family. The Applications Ware software suite is field proven with tens of thousands of units installed worldwide. It is commonly supported across all product families, allowing customers to migrate from older deployed platforms and traditional services to newer platforms with IP-based services without losing functionality and with minimal disruption to services.

A flexible licensing scheme that is made up of base licenses and upgrade licenses provides for deployment of needed functionality at low cost, while giving customers the ability to add on new services on an as-needed basis.

Vanguard’s customers can select the software capabilities to be used with Vanguard’s diverse range of products. This gives the customer a “build-as-you-grow” capability, lowering long term total cost of ownership (TCO) while providing the ability to scale up or change services when needed.

Vanguard’s selection of base licenses provides for ample application diversity that meets the needs of an extensive range of enterprise services that cover data and voice applications.

The table below describes the capabilities supported by the various base licenses.

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License Type Description
IP+ Advanced IP routing protocols such as DVMRP, OSPF, BGP-4 routing, and NAT table look-up. Additional features such as Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), BGP multi-path, and IP payload compression ensure that IP services are delivered in a reliable and cost-effective manner. 802.1 P&Q VLAN tags prioritize incoming LAN traffic and automatically route traffic between the respective VLANs, ensuring data integrity and availability. Also includes support for IPX and AppleTalk protocols.
IPSafe For the 3400 and 6800 Series. In addition to IP+ functionality, IP Safe offers Software-based IPSec VPN, 3DES encryption and SSH providing enterprise security for small branches without the need to purchase the VG 6841, an encryption module or additional software.
SNA+ All the functionality of the IP+ or IPSafe license, plus features for IBM applications and protocols. Legacy serial data protocols include BSC 2780/3270, SNA/SDLC, and IBM LLC2 conversion services. For the unique requirements of retail and financial communication network environments.

All the functionality of the IP+ or IPSafe license, SNA+, and Voice Applications Ware.