AS/400 Communications Server Solution

The Vanguard Networks' AS/400 Communications Server application is an innovative feature specifically designed for IBM i-Series hosted networks. In short this feature allows AS/400 users to attach remote POS controllers, ATM’s, terminal controllers, and PC-based 5250 emulators, regardless of their vintage, over high-speed Ethernet LAN connections into the host. The AS/400 Communications Server can coexist with other applications on a Vanguard platform to integrate IP data, Voice (VOIP-SIP), and other IP technologies and protocols typically found in business networks.

The Vanguard Networks' AS/400 Communications Server utilizes SNA, Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN) and Low-Entry Networking (LEN Node) technologies. The AS/400 Communications Server appears to the AS/400 host as multiple IBM 5494 Remote Workstation Controllers. This capability allows the Vanguard Networks' platform to front end a diverse network of current and vintage SNA controllers over a common Ethernet LAN connection.

Consistent with other Vanguard Networks' SNA networking applications designed specifically for IBM mid-range AS/400 and S/390 mainframe networks, this feature provides the ultimate versatility. Not only are IBM remote controllers such as the 5250 and 5394 controllers supported but also all Perle 394, 494, and Decision data controllers as well.


IBM designed the AS/400 SNA Communications Server sub-system with restrictions allowing only newer type controllers (i.e. IBM 5494 or Perle 494) to be attached over an Ethernet LAN connection to the host. Other IBM and non-IBM controllers, such as the IBM 5394, must be attached over a serial link to the AS/400 host at higher cost and lower performance. The Vanguard Networks' AS/400 Communications Server solution resolves this problem by allowing the Vanguard Networks' router to act as an APPN (LEN) Low Entry Networking node with full IBM 5494 remote workstation emulation (SNA PU Type 2.1). This capability allows the application to map dependent LU Type 7 and LU Type 5 logical units associated with the downstream IBM and Perle controllers to LU 6.2 sessions inherently used in the IBM 5494.

AS/400 Communications Server Benefits

  • Financial Service Providers, banks, retailers, manufacturing and transportation industry customers can realize significant cost savings and application performance improvements.
  • Leased line cost in the data center are eliminated
  • Host processors can be upgraded to the latest technology
  • Host network definitions are simplified (All IBM 5494 RWS)
  • Reduced or eliminated associated maintenance costs
  • Higher availability and performance over LAN
  • Retain installed base assets (IBM, Perle and Decision Data Controllers)
  • SDLC protocols terminated at the remote location

Additionally, Vanguard Networks' gateways also support IP, SDLC or BSC ATMs enabling an enterprise to maintain and grow their IBM Z-series mainframe environment and remote SDLC devices while co-existing with other IP-based and voice applications on a single network.

All Vanguard gateways are designed to meet the toughest security standards of PCI and can be fully managed under SNMP.