Enterprise BSC Connector

Driving IBM and HP NonStop systems BSC (Binary Synchronous Communications) applications across today’s IP MPLS and broadband networks can present some unique challenges. Tunneling solutions push the BSC protocol across the network resulting in limited performance and requires serial lines and front-end processors for host termination in the data center.

The Vanguard Networks' Enterprise BSC Connector solution was specifically designed for the ATM Service Provider and the branch banking industries. Of the 400,000 ATM machines installed in the U.S. today, close to 70% communicate to a centrally located host computer using BSC protocols. These ATMs continue to provide an efficient, convenient, and cost-effective way for the consumer to do remote banking transactions. Vanguard Networks' Enterprise BSC Connector enables the ATM Service Provider, bank or credit card processor to retain these valuable assets while maintaining a state-of-the-art host environment and network.

Similarly, the solution also supports BSC2780/3780 communications for connectivity between a bank’s host IBM system and an ATM Service Provider’s host for clearing and reconciling ATM transactions.

The Vanguard Networks' solution provides a gateway into a carrier network from any remote location and LAN based termination of the network into the central site data center. Any BSC ATM or bank host processor can be connected to the remote Vanguard Networks' Access Services Gateway (ASG). The ASG terminates the BSC3270 or BSC2780/3780 protocols and sends only the data across the network, without tunneling. The host-based Vanguard Networks' router then sends transaction data to an HP Non-Stop or IBM host over a high-speed LAN Ethernet connection.


Vanguard Networks' secure ASG’s route application data, not protocols. The BSC protocols are terminated at the remote site and SNA is confined to the data center providing a pure data network with high performance and resiliency and minimal overhead.

Benefits of Enterprise BSC Connector Solution

Financial Service Providers and banks can realize significant cost savings and application performance improvements:

  • Recurring leased line costs in the data center are eliminated
  • Front end processors (HP SWAN or IBM 3745) and serial line termination equipment reduced or eliminated while lowering maintenance costs
  • Host processors can be upgraded to the latest technology
  • Host network definitions are simplified
  • Host-based SNA resources can now be fully utilized supporting non-SNA resources
  • Higher availability and performance over LAN and over the WAN since no BSC protocols traverse the network improving application performance
  • Retain installed base assets (BSC ATM’s) since BSC protocols are terminated at the remote location
  • Service providers can accept BSC ATM’s from their clients in their IP network services

Additionally, Vanguard Networks' gateways also support IP or SDLC (SNA) ATMs enabling an enterprise to maintain and grow their IBM Z-series mainframe environment and remote BSC devices while co-existing with other IP-based and voice applications on a single network. All Vanguard gateways are designed to meet the toughest security standards of PCI and can be fully managed under SNMP.