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Training Overview

Vanguard Networks' training and education classes are designed with customers and partners in mind. The classes are developed and taught by Vanguard Networks' experienced professionals and offer a unique learning opportunity that combines extensive hands-on workshops and exercises with group discussions and lectures. Offerings range from technical training courses that introduce the core features of Vanguard Networks' platforms to advanced modules that cover configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting techniques. Courses range in duration from one to four days, with prerequisites and program objectives clearly defined.

To take advantage of up-to-date equipment and a professional training facility, training is available at our facilities in Foxboro, Massachusetts, as well as select Authorized Partners internationally.

Course Description

Basic Course

This course focuses on the basic requirements of Vanguard Networks' products that will allow them to operate properly in a variety of networking situations.

  1. Vanguard Networks' Hardware
  2. Vanguard Networks' Management
  3. Vanguard Networks' Software
  4. Basic Call Control
  5. Basic Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
  6. SNA
  7. Basic Voice

Advanced Course

This course focuses on the advanced concepts of Vanguard Networks' products that will allow them to be integrated into next generation networking environments like VPNs , SIP, and MPLS.

Pre-Requisite: Basic Course Vanguard Networks.

  1. Advanced Networking
  2. IP VPN/Network Security
  3. LAN (LAN View) & LAN (WAN View)
  4. Advanced VoIP
    1. Configuration and Applications
    2. Packet voice technologies
  5. Advanced SNA
    1. Data Link Layer
    2. LAN Protocols
    3. BSC3270 to SNA Conversion
    4. TNA3270 Remote Server
    5. AS/400 Communication

Vanguard Networking Lab

Hands-on configuration and trouble shooting of a Vanguard Networks' router in various network environments with or without voice. Lab sessions are an integral part of Basic or Advanced courses.

 Vanguard Networks Training Course


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