Installation Services

Vanguard Networks offers installation services to our partners and customers for network deployment. With a team of our experienced professionals to support your network from start to finish, you retain ultimate network control, while benefiting from the knowledge of our specialists.

Installation services offered to North American customers are detailed in the Vanguard Networks' Installation Services Brochure. For our international customers, installation services are offered through a vast network of regional partners in EMEA, APAC, and CALA.

Benefits to our Customers

  • A single point of contact that understands the installation challenges associated with a broad range of voice and data enterprise class networking equipment and software.
  • Customers can focus on core business competencies, freeing up IT resources to manage other critical projects and improving productivity of internal customer resources.
  • Customers benefit from the technical experience and skills of Vanguard Networks’ dedicated team of installation professionals.
  • Smooth, fast, and well-planned installations by Vanguard Networks' professionals lead to lower business costs to our customers.
  • Establish a strategic partnership with Vanguard Networks that goes beyond the installation phase to gain a distinct business edge in the market place.

More information on Vanguard Networks' installation services for North America can be found in the Vanguard Networks Services Brochure .


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