Public Sector Solutions

The globalization and the Internet pose new challenges and threats to the defense, homeland security, and public service sectors. While more is being asked from government organizations, reduced budgets, staffing, and time require a more integrated network, less rigid and at a lower cost.
Many government entities have begun looking to standards based, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies to reduce deployment times and provide advanced services at reduced costs.

Vanguard Networks enables the deployment of converged networks delivering critical information to those who need it, when they need it, and where they need it.

Many critical applications have been deployed using proprietary or legacy protocols. Rewriting or ripping and replacing these applications might not be cost effective or carry a high risk. Vanguard Networks can IP-enable these applications so they can take advantage of secure, high-performance IP infrastructure, and IP carrier services.

Vanguard Networks and its partners have provided innovative, integrated solutions to government organizations across the world.

Homeland Security

Vanguard Networks’ routers IP-enable specialized applications both at sea and on land, enable government agencies and disaster response organizations to respond more effectively and efficiently to unpredictable challenges.


Vanguard Networks’ Multiservice routers have been deployed in active operations theaters to support civilian and military encrypted communications.

Government Agencies

Vanguard Networks' convergence capabilities replaced disparate networks with a single, secure, converged IP infrastructure, enabling a European police organization to interact using comprehensive voice, video, and data collaboration applications.


Vanguard Networks helps government organizations to:

  • Run mission-critical applications securely and cost effectively over a single network
  • Help integrate radio communications over a packet-based infrastructure
  • Integrate data, voice, and video over a converged network
  • Promote secure collaboration and information sharing between military personnel, coalition partners, private contractors, and other government agencies.