Applications Ware Service Packs

Vanguard Networks' strives to continuously improve and enhance our products and features.  Frequently, new features and extensions are introduced as extensions to mainline releases, such as Release 7.2 R00A and 7.3 R00A.  These interim releases are referred to as Applications Ware Service Packs and Maintenance Releases.  

Our Customers can take advantage of these enhancements by upgrading devices enrolled within active Maintenance Services to these interim releases.  Applications Ware Service Packs and Maintenance Releases can be download  from Vanguard Networks' Customer and Partner Portal.

  • If you would like to more information about our service offerings, please do not hesitate to Contact Vanguard
  • If you have questions related to service coverage of devices, please contact the Sales or Technical Support Teams by entering a Support Request or dialing +1 (508) 964-6200.
  • If you have a question related to Service Pack contents or need help locating the desired Service Pack, please use our Support Form to initiate a service request.