Support Overview

Vanguard Networks provides extensive support for its products over their complete life cycle. Customers with existing installations and customers beginning new installations can both avail of the comprehensive support coverage offered by Vanguard Networks for its complete product line.

Vanguard Networks' support personnel has the experience and knowledge to solve customer product problems, provide support documentation, and arrange for installation and maintenance services.

Vanguard Networks support has been carefully structured so as to meet all the needs of our customers who take advantage of our flexible service plans. In addition, our product support web pages offer useful information customers can use to operate and maintain their Vanguard network, including product documentation, release notices, installation guides, product alerts, application notes, an interactive alarm search utility, and software downloads.

Vanguard Networks supports the current major software release and the prior two major releases. We strongly recommend keeping your software images up to date with the most current release and relevant service pak updates.

Benefits of Vanguard Networks' Support Services

Vanguard Networks comprehensive support coverage results in many benefits for our customers providing high uptime and optimal performance for their networks.

These benefits include:

  • Easy access to Vanguard Networks' support services via the web, email, or telephone with varying tiers of support based on the service contract level
  • Prompt attention to customer reported incidents
  • Quick incident resolution¬†
  • Smooth and predictable RMA processing
  • Timely distribution of new product information, software and service pack releases, and detailed and clear documentation

Contact our Support team, request case status or request RMA information.

Obtain Product user manuals, Application notes, release notices and search for alarm information

Get the latest release of software. Login and product license may be required.

The Vanguard Networks' Partner Site provides Vanguard Networks' partners timely access to partner information and tools for ordering, sales, marketing, and support.