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Vanguard Networks - A Name You Can Trust

Why Vanguard Networks?

With over 40 years of experience and innovation in the networking industry, trusted by hundreds of customers and some of the largest networks implemented in the US, Vanguard Networks introduces a credible choice for Service Providers and Enterprises.

Vanguard Networks Helps You Take Control of Your Network Costs!

Vanguard Networks' Enterprise-Class Solutions for Service Providers, Retail Industry, and Government customers.

Vanguard Networks enables Service Providers to plan, develop, and deploy new IP services for all sizes of enterprises. Vanguard’s CPE access routers are feature-rich, customizable, easy to install and operate, and help customers to “build-as-you-grow”. These attributes have been “designed-in” the Vanguard family of products, and ensure rapid deployment and low cost of ownership over the long term.

Flexible Service Capabilities for Hassle-Free Technology Migration

By taking advantage of the diversity of features and extensive selection of network interfaces, along with a high performance architecture supported in the Multiservice Routers and Access Services Gateway Series, Service Providers can meet today’s enterprise customer business grade multi-service needs (From Leased line to Frame Relay, VPN or MPLS) and be confident that they can migrate their customers to their newest services without the cost and complexity associated with the forklift replacement of existing equipment.

With full routing capabilities, enterprise-class integrated security, proven, toll-quality VoIP services, switching capacity and rich protocol support, Vanguard Networks' products replace several standalone network devices and deliver a flexible and cost-effective network infrastructure for voice and data access services.

The Vanguard Networks' products enable “real world” enterprise voice and data convergence through a complete set of QoS features along with support for analog, digital, and IP phones. Intelligent multi-link load balancing, alternate link back up and PSTN telephony survivability are just some of the capabilities that meet the new imperatives of business continuity that enterprises demand.

Robust Security for Business Grade Voice and Data Services

By extending IP telephony services securely across the WAN, the Vanguard Networks' products can help you deliver converged services with new levels of efficiency and reliability. The product line’s security suite provides strong but straightforward protection for all traffic types - including voice - by inspecting all traffic and blocking undesirable traffic.

Whether your organization needs to support mission-critical applications, VoIP or just IP data transport services, Vanguard Networks can meet the challenge and give you a competitive advantage through lower operating costs and faster revenue growth.

A Product Architecture Built with the Customer in Mind

Product and Services Flexibility

Modular Flexibility protects platform investment and “build-as-you-grow” strategy

  • Add network services
  • Add user services 
  • Add users and ports 

Proven Technology

Reliable, “battle proven” Applications Ware software suite. Operating in thousands of sites, in large and small enterprises across the world, benefits from many years of successful 24x7 type of field experience.

Access Services Architecture

Platform architecture designed for high performance and easy migration: From analog voice, transactional protocol or legacy service to any new IP services taking advantage of newer, cost-effective WAN transport services.


World-Class Services for Full Product Life Cycle Support

Complementing all of Vanguard Networks' Enterprise Network Solutions is a set of world-class services capabilities. From staging and configuration to provisioning and deploying complex, large networks, Vanguard Networks can significantly speed up deployment and reduce your operational cost. Our in-depth expertise of the multiple technologies integrated in our products allows us to support promptly and cost-effectively your network, augmenting your resources or allowing redeployment to other more critical tasks.

Maintenance and operational costs can typically exceed the cost of the CPE purchase over the life of the device. Our customizable Support Services meet this challenge by keeping uptime and significantly reducing operating costs. Our offering covers your network 7x24 with an engineer on site in 4 hours nearly anywhere in the US, or if your needs are different, we can custom-design a support plan that maximizes your coverage while reducing your total cost of ownership.

Our Customers

Our drive to success has always been driven by our desire to help our customers succeed. This philosophy has given us the privilege of gaining the trust of numerous customers worldwide. Vanguard Networks is proud to have long standing relationships with many world class customers around the globe who have trusted their mission critical networks to our products and services.

One of the top 3 enterprise services providers in North America, and one of the top 2 in Latin America.

The largest convenience store chain in the US and several apparel, super markets, and other retail store chains in North America, Latin America and Asia.

3 of the top 10 Financial Service Providers in North America and numerous regional banks and credit unions in North America, Latin America, and Asia.

Mission critical networks in Homeland Security and Defense departments, in the US and abroad.

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